Cover of Art News 2002

My name is Leiulf Bueno Clausen. I am a published comic book artist with an AAT in Web Development/Multimedia and a 2nd degree in Web/Graphic Design.This blog is about my efforts to transform from analogue to digital artistic expression.
The son of an artist, I was born with the smell of Shellac in my nostrils. I have always been interested in all forms of artistic expression. I was inducted into the International Thespian society in high school. The defining moment in my life was listening to the FM simulcast of Ziggy Stardust’s final concert. I realized then that media could be successfully combined in exciting ways.

epic illustrated as visualized cover1976, at the fledgeling San Diego Comic convention, Stan Lee (one of my comic “Heroes”) held a round table asking us kids what we wanted to see in a Marvel publication. I spoke up and pitched him the idea of “Epic Tales”, a book where artists could publish their own ideas, potential comic heroes could be introduced to gauge fan reaction, forgotten heroes could be brought back, new ideas tried, all without any formal commitment. A few years later, Epic Illustrated hit the newsstands. It is justly regarded as a very influential Marvel Title.

XKLBR_Early 3 - Leiulf Clausen1978, I entered the science Fiction and Fantasy art Show in Orange County Ca. and was nominated for best of show by Jack “King” Kirby (another one of my Comic “Heroes”) for a combination of comic book art and my Starbarian action figure. I was awarded 5th place, Comic Book Art (presented by Jack Kirby (Marvel/DC creator), Russ Manning (Tarzan/Star Wars), Don Rico (Golden Age comic book artist), Bob Clampet (Beanie and Cecil/WB), Morris Scott Dolens, and Mike Royer (HB/Marvel).

Rivit page 231982, both the MAAC Project “Pensar” division and subsequently it’s parent operation hired me to be their Graphic Artist. Everything was done by hand
(the receptionist had a computer, I did not!).

1987, with the publication of “RIVIT #1” I reached my goal of becoming a published, Comic book Author / Artist (Blackthorne).

1998, Wimm Hendrikse honored me as a contributing author in his well respected book on David Bowie Man of Many Changes (considered by many to be THE definitive book on his music).nevergetold1

2002, I designed an interactive portfolio for local Jimi Hendrix impersonator Ritchie Rodgers and put it on-line. Virgin U.K. got to see it and offered to fly Ritchie to England to do a commercial. My work was exhibited in the Archer Gallery.

2012-Phoenix-3-Phillip Englund-Leiulf Clausen2011 – 2013 has been busy, I am serving as Web-Master and illustrator for the Clark College Phoenix staff (Their Annual Arts and Literary magazine), my work was shown in the Archer Gallery, I Did Layout and Lettering for Alf #3 (distributed at the 2012 ComicCon in honor of co-founder Richard Alf), created a cartoon which was published in “The Independent” newspaper, I am also serving with Clark College’s 2011 – 2013 NASA Rocket launch initiative team as a Graphic / Web Designer. Recently, I was honored to receive the “Shel Dorf” award from the San Diego Comic convention (presented by George Clayton Johnson (Ocean’s 11/Logan’s Run/Twilight Zone), Clayton Moore, Richard Alf (Comicon Co-Founder), Greg Koudoulian (Media SF), and Mike Towry (Comicfest Founder) for my humble contributions to Comics and Art.
Warlock's Magic The series.Still003
Currently I am employed in Character Design for “Warlock’s Magic”, a new T.V. series that combines Live action with CGI. Three Seasons (80 episodes) are planned.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello my dear Leiulf,
    Music Passion is now one year and I would like you to do the honor to be the first one to give us our Music Passion Theme as we enter our second year and for the month of April.
    Merci beaucoup my dear friend! xoxo

    • Welcome Mary! I hope you can find as much inspiration here as I found in your wonderful blog. As I am an avid reader, I enjoy your book reviews, but most of all your explanations of teqniques you actually use in your work. Once my comic is finished I plan on introducing you to my readers. If you are interested in what shaped my work, may I suggest you click the banana on the home page. It takes one back to the very first post.

      • Thank you very much Leiulf – how nice of you. Glad you enjoy the book reviews, I’ve come across some really good art books, more reviews are coming. I’ll definite do as you suggest and will visit your history, I understood that you’ve been around art your whole life as your father was an artist too. Has to be a lot of inspiration. Looking forward to your comic. Again, thank you – this is why I really enjoy WordPress Bloggers, a place to meet many fascinating people.

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