Starless and Bible Black


Cartoon created for 1979 San Diego ComicCon Media Guide

Yesterday I received 2 packages from my brother, Comic book artist and long-time San Diego ComicCon participant William Swann Clausen.It contained yet a third variation of my original Starbarian doll, along with the broken up remnants of the spaceship he was seen stepping out of at the 1978 Science Fiction and fantasy Art show in Orange County California, where he was nominated for “best of Show” by Jack “King” Kirby.While I was delighted to have these things in my possesion once again, the real prize is seen cleaned up (above) and raw (below). They are images of a cartoon created for the 1979 San Diego ComicCon Media Guide. The blue scan was xeroxed in 1979 on blue cardstock of the period. The paper and ink can be tested to establish proof of authorship at that time. I have cleaned up the one above, converting it to Black and White using my method posted elsewhere in this blog. For reasons never explained to me, the cartoon was never published, but that does not negate the fact that the Starbarian was put into the public arena 1 year before it was drawn, and the print itself, done on technology of the time with paper and ink that can be tested for authenticity now rests once again in my possesion. While the 1979 San Diego ComicCon Media Guide was issued STAR(barian)LESS, I present it here at last in in full BIBLE BLACK. Enjoy.



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