Return Of The King (Part A)

Robert Fripp 2014

Robert Fripp 2014

Acapella has been the focus on All About Lemons Music Passion since August. I have chosen the King Crimson Barber Shop Quartet as a means of paying tribute to the return of the “King” (Crimson of course)

As Bass / Stick master Tony Levin was the main creative force behind the above recording, I have posted this link to his tour Diary documenting the new Jun. 13, 2014 Hertfordshire Elstree Studios rehearsals. Below listen to this short excerpt of new music from those rehearsals.

While the all too short tour, running from the Sep. 09, 2014 opener at The Egg in Albany, NY to the Oct. 06, 2014 closer at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA, appears to be in hiatus for the moment, the band’s legacy, which began with a bang upon the release of their first L.P. “In The Court of the Crimson King” in 1969 (containing apparently one of the most influential songs of all time “21st century Schizoid Man“) continues to live on.

I recently Googled 21st Century Schizoid Man on YouTube and was flabbergasted at the endless number of cover versions that are available from all facets of musical endeavor. Not only do you have to learn to perform it live to graduate the various schools of Rock, but, of course there are the numerous versions by former members like Greg Lake and John Wetton, as well as other rock stalwarts like Tool‘s Maynard James Keenan, Flaming Lips,Voivod,Govt Mule and April Wine (in the 80’s),and unknown stellar rock arrangements by The Fuzz, The Von Hertzen Brothers, RX Bandits and Japanese literature rock band Heavy Metal Ningen-Isu (The Human Chair), but 5 Japanese Ladies performing it on 4 violins and a cello (Seasons)? How about a version by a Progressive Brass Band, dressed in what i assume to be tulip outfits that hide their roller skates as they glide and play? Surprisingly to me, the version I really enjoyed most is posted below.

The Shining (NOR) is a Norwegian avant-garde music band from Oslo. Eleven musicians have been a part of the band’s line-up in its history, which has consisted of singer, guitarist, saxophonist and songwriter Jørgen Munkeby, guitarist Håkon Sagen, bass guitarist Tor Egil Kreken, keyboardist Bernt Moen, and drummer Torstein Lofthus since 2010.

Shining was created in 1999 as an acoustic instrumental jazz quartet consisting of Munkeby, Lofthus, pianist Morten Qvenild, and double bassist Aslak Hartberg. They released their first albums Where the Ragged People Go and Sweet Shanghai Devil in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Their 2005 album In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster leaded the band into a more avant-garde, electric, rock-oriented sound, with Qvenild now playing synthesizers and other electronic keyboards, and Hartberg mostly using bass guitar instead of double bass.

Qvenild and Hartberg both left the band before or following the release of the album, being replaced in 2005 by Andreas Hessen Schei and Morten Strøm respectively. Under this line-up, Shining released Grindstone in 2007, an album going into a heavier direction and distancing itself more from jazz, incorporating elements from progressive rock, pop, as well as 19th and 20th century classical music. On the following years, Schei was replaced by Andreas Ulvo who was himself later replaced by Moen, while Kreken replaced Strøm on bass guitar, and in addition the band included guitarist Even Helte Hermansen as a new member in 2010, expanding into a quintet.

The release of their fifth album Blackjazz in 2010 saw Shining turn into an extreme avant-garde metal band, with the use of growled vocals from Munkeby. The same year, Hermansen was replaced by Sagen. Their first live album Live Blackjazz and their latest album to date, One One One, released in 2013, follow the musical direction initiated in Blackjazz. Shining’s metal-oriented album were received with much acclaim from both jazz, heavy metal, and more mainstream critics.

The Shining’s reinterpretation of this classic, bringing it up to modern rock improvisational standards provides a fitting close to this tribute to the most influential band in the world, may we be graced with more of your greatness in the near future.



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