Naked and Wired

SS&TT2-Pages16&17-Leiulf Clausen

Pages16&17-Leiulf Clausen

Pinups 4

As Promised, I present today the proposed naked pages for the upcoming release of Short Stories and Tall Tales #2, featuring Starduster, with lettering by San Diego Comic Convention co-founder Shel Dorf. (lettering to be added).

To re-cap, this is the complete gathering of parts 1 & 2. Most of these pages were exhibited at the 1978 Science Fiction Fantasy and Art Show in Orange County California and nominated for “Best of Show” by Jack Kirby.

I did not include the 4 page X.K.L.B.R. intro , as those pages can be found elsewhere on my blog. It does include some pages that were not present at the show, including 2 pin-ups that I freshened up in PhotoShop in the last few days.

This layout is tentative and subject to change without notice.

Please be kind enough to let me know what you think.


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