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This month on All About Lemon’s Music Passion the key word is Vintage.

On 10/28/13 at 7pm, vintage Synth Rocker Gary Numan (whom I talked about in my post on essential alternative listening in the 1970’s) performed a FREE SHOW at Vintage Vinyl Records in New Jersey. To see Gary and his full band perform an in-store gig at the famous Vintage Vinyl Record Store in NJ, all you had to do was buy Gary’s new album #Splinter in the store and receive a wristband to the show.



Trent Reznor has cited Gary Numan’s alienated Eighties synth pop as a major influence, and Numan credits a NIN show with inspiring his creative rebirth.

Watch video of the full show here:

Numan 2

Numan 2

Read more about Splinter:

Listen to Splinter:


The true beauty of our current “Electronic Age” is in the endless possibilities it offers. Vintage tracks are refreshed by re-mixing in endless varieties. vintage artists collaborate with new blood and reinvent themselves. Anyone can join in the fun, as evidenced by the many fan shot videos of this event. One of my favorite examples of fan shot Numan videos is from the 2012 tour. It is a multicam, enhanced audio version of the encore of Numan’s set recorded and mixed completely by fans. The comments and documentation appear below the Vid-Link, and close out this post quite nicely.

“This is the last part of an amateur fan created multicam project from Gary Numan’s performance in The Button Factory in Dublin on Saturday May 26th 2012, as part of his 2012 Machine Music Tour.

The multicam DVD has taken just over 6 months to create in spare time between work & homelife. It would not have been possible without the generousity & support of the many fans in attendance that night.

Numan 3

Numan 3

Tracklist for this part:

I Die You Die
We Are Glass
Are Friends Electric

DVD Credits

I would like to thank the following fans & audience members for trusting me with
their personal video footage of that night (apologies in advance if I’ve missed anyone here – I did try contact everyone & got responses in most cases) –


cushla braniff


Original Audio Recording – kagee1
Remastered Audio for the DVD – bonoman66

Machine Music Tour Backdrop Videos used as part of the edits/mix in this DVD:

Bombers: Richard Herrero
Call Out The Dogs: Stefano Meneghetti
Dominion Day: ukhologramuk
This Wreckage: DarkAngelOne

Multicam Mix & DVD created by bonoman66

I will honour all my previous commitments & promises by sending the DVDs freely to several fans & contributors to this project over the coming weeks. I request that they share freely with any other Gary Numan fans, make copies & don’t sell this or charge anyone for it.


It was a beautiful Sunny Summer’s day in Dublin that Saturday. There was a great vibe around Temple Bar & The Button Factory in the lead up to the gig. People in the area & walking thestreets appeared genuinely happy, in good mood – no doubt helped by the fantastic weather & it being a Saturday evening. Crowds lined up outside as the showtime approached & there was that excitment & air of anticipation that an audience gets as door opening time gets ever nearer.

There was the clink of glasses / bottles & smell of food circulating in the air as the restaurants & bars prepped for the evening masses.
Rumour had it that Gary had been walking around the immediate streets & alleys, soaking up the atmosphere of the area not long before he was due on stage! The Button Factory was on fire that night – almost literally – I can’t believe how hot it actually got in there & I was waiting to spontaneously combust at several stages throughout the set. It was an incredible performance by Gary & the band & boy did they receive a warm welcome from the Dublin crowd. Gary’s one hell of a performer & a real gent to his fans.

What [vintage] memories to be able to have & hold onto…..hope you enjoy..until next time…Cheers.”


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