Magic & Loss (part IV)

Moment is the Magic word on Music Passion this month. I chose Lou Reed’s interpretation of Doc PomusThis Magic Moment from The Lost Highway Soundtrack.

Lou Reed Magic MomentWhat makes this version “Magical” in my eyes is the fact that the 2 songwriters enjoyed a relationship, and this was recorded as a tribute to doc upon his passing. The song was originally recorded for “Till the Night Is Gone: A Tribute to Doc Pomus” (March,1995 Rhino records). The album features performances by Bob Dylan, Shawn Colvin, Rosanne Cash, Los Lobos, John Hiatt, and Lou Reed, who provided Doc with this homage: “Doc was a great songwriter, poet, philanthropist, gambler, raconteur supreme. He was like a blazing sun—anybody in his orbit benefited from him. He was the way you should be. When you grow up, you should be like Doc.”

spectacle__Elvis Costello-Lou Reed

Lou Reed Magic Moment 2During an interview on Elvis Costello’s show Spectacle, Lou said the song, “Save The Last Dance For Me” was written on the day of Pomus’ wedding while the wheelchair-bound groom watched his bride dancing with their guests. Pomus had polio and at times used crutches to get around. His wife, Willi Burke, however, was a Broadway actress and dancer. The song gives his perspective of telling his wife to have fun dancing, but reminds her who will be taking her home and “in whose arms you’re gonna be.” Lou said hearing that story from Doc forever changed his perspective on it (mine too). The line at the end of this version of “Magic Moment” was an intentional commemoration of the story and his admiration for Doc himself.

Enjoy the Moment.


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