Warlock’s Magic

Warlock's Magic The series.Still003

Warlock’s Magic The series.Still003

My brother, William Clausen, is currently involved in character design, storyboarding, and advising “Warlock’s Magic” A new series combining CGI with live action. The show is based on a series of books by Christopher C. Miller (who stars in the TV show). William is also CO-Directing with Edward Hernandez (….HBO may pick it up….WC.)
William just forwarded me this email…
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 15:26:19 -0700
Subject: “Warlock’s Magic: The Series” Episode 2 Filming Dates, Updates
From: khagan

Hello Cast n Crew,

William Clausen

William Clausen

I’m super excited that “Warlock’s Magic: The Series” is building momentum at the speed of light. We are very fortunate to have aired our teaser on KVMD and our first episode airing April 21, 2013 is in post-prodction with William Clausen on board drawing for us Kobakanda and who also will be directing our future episodes. I’ve included some very prestigious affiliation and awards he has in this genre below. William has been working closely with Edward, Christopher and Wendell to create the first ever anime live action style fantasy tv show.

We have been asked to film 6 episodes, this will give us plenty to air on KVMD and in conjunction we will continue to work on distribution on a world wide campus. I’m striving in parallel directions, considering are aim will be to also drive the audience to our current channel that is airing the show.

I’ve also processed a kickstarter campaign, should be up and running by next week and will ask that you please share with family, friends, media, blogs, social networks aiming at the those that are in that genre.

We will be introducing a few new characters in this next episode and look forward to another successful shoot.

William has also talked to the founder of COMICFEST (San Deigo), he was wondering about a possible panel about “Warlock’s Magic: The Series” at the show at the convention in October. WOW!

We weren’t expecting things to move so quickly when we shot Episode 1, but now we have an audience and we will need to keep the momentum rolling.

Edward and William are able to shoot the next two episodes March 23th-29th, please read through the script and the character sheets for the new two characters. Edward and William will prepare Call Sheets and Storyboards to have the smoothest production possible. We will do our very best for everybody involved to accommodate you the best we can. So please email or call me as soon as possible confirming if this schedule will work for you.

If you would like you can also email me your schedule for April and May, so we can plan accordingly the next 3 episodes.

More about William Clausen: William Clausen: 1974: The Orange County Sci-Fi and Fantasy show award… Presented by Jack kirby (Marvel/DC creator), Russ Manning (Tarzan/Star Wars), Don Rico (Golden Age comic book artist), Bob Clampet (Beanie and Cecil/WB), Morris Scott Dolens, and Mike Royer (HB/Marvel) 2010:The Shel Dorf Award (Steve Canyon/Dick Tracy/Comicon Founder)…….Presented by George Clayton Johnson (Ocean’s 11/Logan’s Run/Twilight Zone), Clayton Moore, Richard Alf (Comicon Co-Founder), Greg Koudoulian (Media SF), and Mike Towry (Comicfest Founder). 2012: Comicfest Art Show Award……Presented by Mike Towry (Comicfest Founder) and Beata Csanadi (Art Coordinator).

Kind Regards,

Kristina Hagan
Kristina Hagan Films, LLC.
Please join me in wishing all involved GodSpeed.

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