Peace On Earth(ling)

Yes, it’s that time again.
Time to ask ourselves what will it take to achieve “Peace On earth?”

While promoting Earthling (which involved Tony Oursler‘s Dummies) in 1997 Conan O’Brien asked David Bowie how he came to be invited to duet with Bing Crosby on his 1976 T.V. show.
Conan – “I wanted to ask you…Ah…There was something that they were playing here in America on MTV “round the clock for a while…and it was…uh something I’ve always wondered about…you singing…ah…Christmas songs with Bing Crosby…
David – Yeah…
Conan – And…and this was something that I guess you probably did in ’76 sometime around then?
David – Yeah…
Conan – What was that like cause it’s such a strange thing to look at…you’re…you’re almost polar opposites in some way…and there you are together singing these Christmas songs. Do you remember doing this and what it was like?
David – I…I remember…
Conan – Is it all a blur?
David – I remember doing it…uhm…ah the communication factor was very strange…if…
I had more communication in a way with Tony Oursler‘s uh…dummies
Conan – uhm
1670oursler11David – But it was…the…he didn’t know who I was..he couldn’t remember my name. Uh…uhm…and he just sat on the stool the whole day…and uh…I would be…
Conan – How were you brought in to him? So it wasn’t just him ah saying
“I love this whole Ziggy Stardust thing I wanna meet this guy”…
David – He said, yeah…he just loved the whole “Heroes” period, yeah, he…
Conan – HAHAHAHAHAAAH! He’s a very big influence on Bing!
David – He’s a very big uh…He tried for months to get Eno to work with him on his next uh…
David – On his next album.
Conan – I would LOVE to find those recordings!

That makes two of us Conan!!!!!!!!!!!!


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