It’s No Game II

Adventure-Geisha-Sarah Robinson

Adventure-Geisha-Sarah Robinson

Earlier I Introduced you to some fantastic art by Wayne Reynolds, most of which was done for Pathfinder games and publications. As promised, I am now presenting a plethora of other interesting art done for the same series.



Today’s featured artists include: Sarah Robinson, Yngvar Asplund, Kieran Yanner, Vincent Dutrait, Paul Guzenko, J.P. Targete, Carlos Villa, Eric Belisle, Jason Engle, Jim Pavelec, Mariusz Gandzel, Craig J. Spearing, Jang Keun Chul, Dave Rapoza, Andrew Hou, Kevin Yan, Rayph Beisner, Kate Maximovich, Florian Stitz, Eric Braddock, Ryan Portillo, Typer Walpole, Anna Christenson, Jason Bulmahn, David Bircham, Sara Marie, Eva Widermann, Eric Lofgren, Christopher Burdett, Jesper Ejsing, Sara Otterstätter, Carolina Eade, Ben Wooten, Michael Jaecks, Jonathan Reynolds.

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