Beauty and Dreams also has a blog about art and inspiration. I’d like to share her tribute to Ray with you.



“All of the good, weird stories I’ve written are based on things I’ve dredged out of my subconscious. That’s the real stuff. Everything else is fake.” -Ray Bradbury

I was sad to hear that the author Ray Bradbury died. He lived a long life though. He was 91. I remember his writing leaving a big impression on me. My favorite of his was The Illustrated Man, about a man whose tattoos come to life and tell stories. I also liked his influential Dinosaur Tales, a book of short stories including one where a man travels back in time and ultimately alters the whole course of history. I remember a Twilight Zone episode based on that story.. Another in the same book The Fog Horn, also left an impression. A spooky story about a fog horn from a lighthouse drawing a sea monster out of the sea..

“If you dream the proper…

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