Mass Production


For my Art 273 class we were asked to participate in an on-line contest. The website Good50x70 calls for original posters that can be used for social awareness by any charity concerned with the issue depicted. In years past topics were chosen for the contestants. This time you were free to choose your own cause.

socialV1-1I chose to draw attention to workers in countries such as China, Africa and India that are processing electronic waste in medieval conditions. Men, women and children work at melting old computers to harvest precious metals. They have one of the highest disease rates in the world.

The most damning thing is that e-trade has been restricted since 1992 by the Basel Convention. The Basel Ban Amendment of 1995 requires all countries to process their own waste under strict conditions. Sadly, only the European Union Norway and Switzerland have fully adopted the stricter policy, so unscrupulous recyclers continue shipping E waste to less developed countries (LDCs) to line their own pockets.

Shown above are 2 concept collages I did for this poster project.
Below are some of the past winners displayed on their website.

Tomorrow I’ll post my “original” poster.


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