There’s a Starman (waiting in the sky)

Dedication page by William Clausen

In 1979 My brother and I entered the Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Show in Orange County, California. Judges included Jack “King” Kirby himself. Our joint entry was a comic based on Ziggy Stardust and “The Saviour Machine” (from “The Man Who Sold the World). The Saviour Machine is a song about a computer that was built to solve all the world’s problems. It did so, then came to the “realization” that without problems in the world, it could not fulfill it’s programming. As a result, it created new and graver problems to solve in order to justify it’s existence.

My brother had worked on the main, full color story for 2 years while I was thumbing around the country, (a requirement for any true artist). Upon my return, I did a black and white intro. I also entered an action figure of “The Starbarian” in a plexiglass case, coming out of a spaceship.

sreenshot - windows - Black How l- 2 views - 2011

Jack loved both entries and nominated me for best of show. When it came time to judge, only my b & w part was taken back for scrutiny.(Unbeknownst to us) Both parts were admitted under separate entry numbers. The doll also had a separate number. The judges could not review the strongest part of our entries because of a “clerical error”.

Recently, Gene Henderson told my brother in Hollywood that Russ Manning (who did Tarzan in the comics) had remarked “Your brother got robbed at that art show. He deserved to win best of show”. I didn’t get the top prize. What I got was far more valuable. The lasting respect of my peers.


14 thoughts on “There’s a Starman (waiting in the sky)

  1. This is so great. I love the visuals and graphics.

    And I’m writing an article that needed your example of putting the header art into every post to make a beautiful point. Can I link to you and use a screenshot example of what you’ve done? You can change anything you want, but I just would love your permission. If not, say no. No pressure.


    • Lorelle Glad you are enjoying my cathartic mumblings. : )

      As for using the heading, my Policy page states that you can use any of my images.

      Have a great weekend!



  2. My brother looked at the site and commented by email.

    William Swann Clausen

    10:36 PM (28 minutes ago)

    to me
    “a few facts…1) russ manning has been dead for many years…but Gene Henderson told me that Russ Manning had said that back then…also,…they DID give us 5th place award signed by everybody………..great links………”

    Thanks William I have corrected the entry to reflect the facts.

    I hope I adequately conveyed my belief that the inability to present YOUR portion of the story to the judges was THE reason we ended up with 5th place (instead of first). You ROCK!

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